Sunday, September 28, 2014

WFL Uniform Contest: Portland Storm/Thunder Entries

The World Football League uniform contest on Uni Watch is underway.  This is a look at the concepts submitted for the Portland Storm/Thunder franchises on what the teams may have looked like if they were around today.

Gene Sanny:

Curtis Peddle:
Logo - Similar in style, on the lime green helmet. Made the S in the logo blue to emphasize it.
Colors- Unique colors to the history of the team, so I kept them.
Pictured is the # 11 uni of Pete Beathard, QB for the 1974 Storm.

Andrew Schmidt:
"Introducing the first pro football team to truly embrace it's native climate; THE PORTLAND OVERCAST-DRIZZLE! The WFL has always been progressive and the completely re-invented Portland franchise epitomizes this by naming it's team for the cloudy skies and gentle rain that define Portland to all those living in the pacific northwest. The muted grays and green compliment the vibrant number font and NOB pulled straight from the famed White Stag sign.
-Andrew Schmidt"
p.s. I included the White Stag sign for reference to the number and NOB font

Jeff Provo:
Portland - The team actually switched to an Air Force style lightning bolt logo in 1979, which they used through 2002. Silver was added as a trim color in 1988. The current uniform debuted in 2003, and features a modernized version of the original logo. It's no secret that this was designed in response to the Seattle Seahawks color change, and the team has even held multiple promotions where fans could trade in old Seattle merchandise for a free Thunder t-shirt.

Andrew Seagraves: 
About five years ago, the Portland Thunder decided to with the Portland Storm shades of green and blue. They decided to add some color to their helmet with a unique stripe pattern which included the lightning bolt from years past on the back. It came to be affectionately called the "Thunder tail" by fans and the "rat tail" by their rivals. Included is the Brandon Bair player card.

Portland Storm / Portland Thunder / Portland Thunderstorm: Nickname changed to Thunderstorm in 1991 to help differentiate the team from the Orlando Thunder of the WLAF. Team's custom "electric blue" tone debuted in 2011 replacing the navy blue that had been with the team since the mid 70's. Team's green jerseys are a best seller during the neon craze of the early 2010's.

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