Sunday, September 28, 2014

WFL Uniform Contest: The Hawaiians Entries

The World Football League uniform contest on Uni Watch is underway.  This is a look at the concepts submitted for The Hawaiians franchise.  What could the team have looked like 40 years later?  Here are the submissions...
Gene Sanny:

I'm writting to you from POLAND I'm Designer and clothing constructor. I
desire to propose a new uniform for team THE Hawaiians. The graphics are
displayed on the uniform called BULLET brand Lenda.
Unis was held in classic colors. Jersey is fitted to the figure and has a
good ventilation system. Collar is inspired by Hawaiian motive. It is a
strong accent uniform. Team logo is placed centrally on the shirt. From the
internal side was placed team name. The arms are designed to hold the pads
and push them to the body. Graphics used here was inspired by the logs.
Strippers sleeves are decorated with artwork and in the seam finished with
yellow piping. The digits were slightly modernized but retained its classic
style. Colored belts were moved from the sleeves around the waist and go
back. Rear. Above the name has been placed on the league log WFL.

Andrew Seagraves:
The Hawaiians have enjoyed one of the most successful records over the past 15 years winning 5 championships. They ditched their athletic gold for metallic gold at the beginning of the 1980s. They currently wear Brown or Red at home with white on the road. The Samson Satele player card is included in the set.

Curtis Peddle:
LOGO - Simplified the logo to just a palm tree and a football, the palm tree forming the shape of the football with the laces clearly visible. I thought the Hawaiians mid 70`s logo was outdated and I couldn't really find an idea to both modernize it and make it look good. I think the new logo is simple and modern.
Colors - dark brown, gold, red and white.

 Robert Kramer:

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