The World Football League (WFL) was a professional football league that lasted one and a half seasons in 1974 and 1975.  Although the league lasted just a short time there are plenty of stories out there… some of which have been documented.  However, since the league was around at a time when sports was not covered like it is today many stories probably have not been told.  The goal of this website is to learn more about the league from those closest to it.  As well as find photos, video and radio broadcasts. 

Over time we will be conducting interviews, collecting photos and footage to put on display for anyone interested in learning more about the league.  If you have any images you own and would like to share them please email them so we can post them.

- WFL Nation

About Aaron Johnson:
Throughout my life I’ve always had an interest in sports as well as sports history.  I had the opportunity to combine both of these passions while working for more than seven years at ESPN Classic.  Over the years I had the opportunity to interview a lot of people and hear amazing stories.  I also had the pleasure of seeing some of the most iconic sports images as well as a number of photos and film clips that had rarely been seen.  While working at Classic I was fortunate enough to work with a great team of producers on the SportsCentury documentary series and won a Sports Emmy award for Best Edited Series/Anthology.  I currently produce features for ESPN’s newsmagazine show, E:60.

The World Football League came and went quickly in the mid 1970’s prior to the sports media coverage there is today.  There are a lot of people who don’t know anything about the World Football League.  WFLNation.com was formed to give people an opportunity to learn more about those who played in the upstart league.

My hope is that over time this site will become a collection of stories told by those closest to the game along with photos, video and original artwork.