Tuesday, October 14, 2014

WFL Uniform Contest: Shreveport Steamer

The third and final round of concepts for the WFL uniform contest on Uni Watch is now posted. 

These are the designs submitted for the Shreveport Steamer franchise.

Curtis Peddle:
LOGO- Same logo as the mid 70`s on a gold helmet.Classic logo that I think should stay for 2014.

Connor DuShane: 
These are my designs for the WFL design contest.
I decided to keep the color scheme for the Steamers, however I updated the overall designs, as I did not like the solid green uniforms. I used designs from several college and NFL teams, and tweaked them to come up with these uniforms. I mixed in some old throwback designs as well, because I felt that the old and new should collide in uniforms for the 40th anniversary of the WFL.

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