Tuesday, October 14, 2014

WFL Uniform Contest: Chicago Winds

The third and final round of concepts for the WFL uniform contest on Uni Watch is now posted.

These are the designs submitted for the Chicago Winds franchise.

Andrew Seagraves: 
Chicago changed their green to Baffin Green and their pants to Baffin Gray. The Wind dropped the S in the 90s. Chicago secured a uniform deal with Danish uniform manufacturer Hummel; hence the chevrons which adorn their uniforms. Included is the Peyton Hillis player card.

Curtis Peddle: 
Logo- Redesigned "W" logo with curve in the logo forming a "c" for Chicago. Alternating gray and white stripes to give the illusion of motion or blowing wind. Arm striping has a tattered wind damaged appearance.
Colors- Added a darker green, kept the white, but added gray and black to add some contrast. Gray pants at home and road.
Dare I say that the number font is in a Chicago Bears style !
WFL patch

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