Thursday, October 9, 2014

WFL Uniform Contest: Birmingham Americans

The second part of the World Football League uniform contest on Uni Watch is now posted!

This is a look at the designs submitted for the Birmingham Americans franchise.

Gene Sanny:

Jeff Provo:
Birmingham - The name was changed back to Americans with a new logo in 1976 for the bicentenial, and the team's success on the field made them decide to keep it that way. The uniforms were modified slightly in 1977 to fix some striping inconsistencies, and modern short sleeves have eliminated half of the original stripe pattern, but aside from that the uniforms have been unchanged.

Curtis Peddle:
Logo - 1974 had an A, going with the B decal with flying single star for 2014 , the star forming 2 red stripes on the letter B. The stars and stripes if you will.
Keeping the red, white and blue, single star patches to shoulder, along with a unique shoulder stripe design. Also going with the mono white for the road. Double color numbers in a gothic type font.
WFL patch as usual.

Birmingham Americans: Special uniform for 1976 bicentennial season featured red and white striped pants. Striped pants never worn again until new uniforms resurrected them in 2010. Unis tweaked every year after until new set without stars or stripes debuts in 2014.

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