Thursday, October 16, 2014

WFL Uniform Contest: Florida Blazers

The third and final round of concepts for the WFL uniform contest on Uni Watch is now posted.

These are the designs submitted for the Florida Blazers franchise.

Curtis Peddle:
Logo- I thought the Blazers logo was a bit obscure, and I think my blazing football design is equally obscure.
Colors- Kept the colors basically the same. Added sleeve striping and shoulder decoration. Red and white jerseys - white jersey pictured is # 21 for their star RB Tommy Reamon.
Put the old logo as a patch on the centre of the chest under the front of the collar.

Thomas Felsmaier:
At first look, I had no idea what the Florida Blazers logo was and still am not sure. To update their look, I started with the logo. I took a "blazing" football and added an abstract "F" between the ball and flame. To keep the "F" oriented correctly, player numerals were placed on the left side of the helmet. I wanted to keep the team colors blue and red, but updated the tint/shades of them and added gray. Overall, I wanted to keep the jersey simple by today's standards much as it was in 1974.

Gene Sanny:

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