Thursday, October 9, 2014

WFL Uniform Contest: Detroit Wheels

The second part of the World Football League uniform contest on Uni Watch is now posted!

This is a look at the designs submitted for the Detroit Wheels franchise.

Curtis Peddle: 
Logo - Slanted speeding winged wheel logo to gold helmet. Gives a shout out to the Red Wings logo a bit.
Colors- Colors are similar to 1974, black, gold and red. Simple arm stripes and wheel patch to sleeves. Also added varsity style numbers to front,back and shoulders.
No more financial troubles for this franchise.

Gene Sanny:

Bryan Ross:

Mark Rabinowitz:
My Detroit Wheels revival uses freeways and freeway signage as its motif (Freeway Gothic NOBs and numbers; stripes styled like two-lane highways; uniform numbers in warning signs near tops of pants stripes). More details about this design at

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