Saturday, September 27, 2014

WFL Uniform Contest: Charlotte Hornets Entries

The World Football League uniform contest on Uni Watch is underway.  This is a look at the concepts submitted for the Charlotte Hornets franchise on what the team may look like if they were around today.

Really outstanding work done by everyone!

Jeff Provo: 
The team kept it's 1975 look intact until 1995, when it was decided that the logo was just too "70's". The new uniforms feature 2 hexagonal logos and a hornet based on the real insect. They're also the only team in the league to not use a white jersey, after receiving special permission from the front office.

Jordan Reagan:
Like the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Charlotte Hornets have a classic look and color scheme. I didn't mess with it too much although the original design missed on opportunity with the sock striping and the awful original logo needed an update (I did the best I could!). The home jerseys do have TV numbers in my head but didn't translate to the design (I was in too much of a hurry).

Hungry Hungry Hipster (HHH): (1981 & 2014 uniform looks)
First major change comes in 1981 when team debuts "bumble bee" striped helmets. By 2014 the stripes on the helmets have been replaced with a striped wishbone C logo. "Bumble bee" striped pants are now the team's trademark.

Mark Rabinowitz:
Here’s my first entry, featuring my 2014 update of the ‘75 Charlotte Hornets. I’ve attached two pics—one with the uniforms, and the other is a comparison between the 1975 logo and my modernized version. My 50-word blurb is as follows:
“My Hornets entry modernizes the logo to show movement and aggression, a la the 2002 Seattle Seahawks logo redesign. But it still respects its 1970s roots (same color scheme, and you can still replicate the logo’s outline via a continuous line drawing). More details about this design at”

Steve B. Creations:
For the 2014 season, the team goes back to a more traditional look. (“2014_Hornets_Home_Uni” and “2014_Hornets_Away_Alt_Combos”) Gone are the days of monochrome black. The gold helmet is reintroduced with a white mask. Stripes are added back to the lids as well. Also, the logo has been tweaked to fix the mouth. From a distance, the previous Hornet’s facial expression was said to look more like a smile than a snarl.
The stripes on all uniform elements are made to match, from the helmet down to the socks. The only remains from the previous set is the custom number font. While the new set still has the potential for many combinations, the team eventual settles on black over gold at home and white over gold on the road. Occasionally, the team may don the gold over white alts for a big Wednesday night game.

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