Sunday, September 21, 2014

Uniform Progression: Shreveport Steamer

Over the Summer WFL Nation and Uni Watch started a contest for readers to create updated uniforms of what they think the league would look like today if the WFL was still around 40 years later.  Images will be posted on both Uni Watch as well as WFL Nation.

We left the rules fairly open-ended... and some readers went one step further!  They created uniforms for each decade!

First up is Jordan Reagan.  I'll let Jordan take it from here...

I chose to do a progression of uniforms for the Houston Texans/Shreveport Steamers/Houston Rattlers.

Shreveport Steamer 1992

The Shreveport Steamers went through a uniform redesign in 1992. They relegated the Steamboat Logo to the sleeve and dropped the drop shadow from the S on the helmets. The Steamers got a little stripe happy but maintained a "classic" look.

Houston Rattlers 2002

The team moved back to Houston in 2002 but since the Houston Texans had already set up shop they changed their name to the Houston Rattlers (the Timber Rattlesnake is the official "Rattler"). Their colors changed to Black, Copper (not orange or brown even if it looks that way), and White. The terrible design choices of the early 2000's are there; odd panels on the sleeves and pants (meant to simulate fangs), piping, and mismatched side panels. Their primary logo became the coiled rattlesnake shown on the sleeves.

Houston Rattlers (Home) 2014
Houston Rattlers (Away) 2014
Houston Rattlers (Alternate) 2014

In 2014 the team decided on a modern upgrade. Because they aren’t subjected to the NFL’s strict uniform policy they have two different helmets and some gradients. The helmet is matte black with Metallic Copper striping and facemask. The scaled panels on the jersey and pants are more subdued than illustrated. Those panels feature a flat copper with copper sheen details that reflect the stadium lights. The Rattlers fell into the BFBS uniform trope for their “Pride” uniforms, though at least black is a primary team color. The “Pride” uniform features the return of the “Coiled Rattler” logo and Metallic Gunmetal details 

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